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Alana teaches from her...

dedicated daily practice that includes Yin Yoga, Yang Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation. She believes a balance of both the yin and the yang energies provide the nourishment to live our lives at our highest potential. Understanding what your mind, heart and body needs, and having the tools to source these needs is the true essence of health, vibrancy and freedom.  She utilizes her intuitive and practiced wisdom of these methods to heal, sustain and rejuvenate the muscles, connective tissues and organ systems of the body for longevity, and vibrancy.



Taking a Yin class with Alana is truly a unique experience! Her class seamlessly flows from beginning to end as she holds space for you to explore your personal edge in a compassionate, loving, and directed way. In doing so she has helped me to become a softer more aware version of myself. That is a gift!
— Emily Young


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