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110 East 28th Street
New York, NY, 10016
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My Story

Alana founded Be Well as a fully integrated mind, body and spirit micro boutique. You will become embodied with methods, support and confidence empowering you to be in complete control of your health through a deeper understanding of yourself and how you can best coexist with your environment.


Who I am + what I do:

My name is Alana Kessler, MS, RDN. I take a creative, intuition-based approach, backed by science, to helping women and men like you elevate your health. My private work draws on my knowledge of Eastern and Western Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, and Interpersonal Psycho-Spiritual Healing and Life coaching modalities.


If you’ve been struggling with *any* of the following issues, I’m so, so glad you found me.

  • FOOD: You’re stressed about food. You don’t know how to eat when traveling – or when you’re at home. It feels like you can’t control your cravings and that you’re perpetually bored with what’s on the menu. Is breakfast OK to eat? Is eating it holding you back? You’re curious about diets and fasting and want someone to show you the way.

  • WEIGHT: You’re slowly gaining weight, feel bloated, but genuinely don’t know why – and don’t know how to stop that. You don’t want your metabolism to fail you now. You’d like to know what to do to stay in optimal health.

  • FATIGUE: You’re tired of feeling tired all. the. time. You’d do anything to get your energy back because you feel like you’re living in a fog. Everything feels like a huge effort.

  • DIAGNOSIS: You got a recent diagnosis for an autoimmune condition – and it totally overwhelms you. You’d like to take a holistic approach to your health so you can feel better sooner.

  • STRESS: Significant anxiety and stress are becoming an all too normal, albeit unwelcome, part of your day. And if you’re on medication for it, you’re dealing with those side effects. You wish you could just feel good.

  • HORMONAL IMBALANCE: You wonder if some of your symptoms like fatigue and weight gain could be rooted in a hormonal imbalance. You’re might also be worried about your fertility and have been dealing with the stress of missed periods.

Please know you’re understood and I’m here to support you.

Let’s bring the joy, creativity, and curiosity back to eating, self-care, and your health on the whole. I’ll be your guide in creating a healthier lifestyle that’s sustainable and strengthens you from your core.

By core, I’m referring to your center, which needs to be rediscovered, re-aligned, and re-anchored. This work runs much deeper than treating your physical symptoms – it’s about healing and reconnection inside-out.

My business began from my own healing journey.

I’ve always been the “wise” one – the person that people always came to for advice. As a kid, I vividly remember being the only 13 year old camper with a curfew giving “life coaching” advice to my camp counselors. It sounds funny, I know, but I gave pretty enlightened guidance back then! I continue to see things differently – which is something I like about myself.

I’m very sensitive, too – which is now an asset to providing the best care for my clients. But when I was younger, my sensitivity wasn’t always my strength.

You see, in my early and teenage life, I experienced and processed some of my childhood experiences as trauma. Looking back, they weren’t extra extreme. Things like being made fun of by my peers, getting in trouble with my parents, worrying about being liked by people.

But being a super sensitive type, I internalized emotions and began building negative patterns that would solidify into my behaviors, personality, and, eventually, my world view: such as retreating inward and isolating myself when I felt overwhelmed, creating walls around my heart, and engaging in some pretty unhealthy eating habits.

These habits plus trying to balance work and life led me down a road of poor mental & physical health marred with oxymorons: constantly fatigued yet anxious & obsessive, dry skin yet pale & puffy.

Feeling frustrated & confused, least vibrant energetically than ever before, I set out for a change.

It’s your mindset that sets how your body sets.

The way we psychically approach life affects the way we think – our brain. Our brain, in turn affects our gut, which affects nutrient absorption, which affects our other internal organs and can trigger autoimmune diseases. All of it stems from your center, your core, your foundation – which is why our work starts there.

I healed myself using the very same strategies I want to share with you, which is why I started this business.

I teach women and men like you how to reconnect to your center so you can feel better inside-out. That means sitting with feelings, even if they’re uncomfortable. It means when something amazing sparks joy, enjoying it just for you before you share it with others - so YOU spend enough time creating your own wholeness.


Professional Bio

Alana Kessler, MS, RDN is the founder of Be Well. She’s a graduate of NYU with a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition. In 1999, as a freshman in college, she began practicing Yoga and meditation, after which, she continued on to train as an Ayurveda Specialist and Weight Management expert.  

She’s an accredited member of the of the CDR & American Dietetic Association and an E-RYT (Expert Registered Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance.

She continues to attend continued education classes and seminars in clinical nutrition, Yoga, meditation, psycho-spiritual psychology, and alternative wellness methods. Alana has been most notably featured in Vogue, Women’s Health, Bustle, Reader’s Digest, and appeared on The Dr. Oz Show.