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Alana founded Be Well as a fully integrated mind, body and spirit micro boutique. You will become embodied with methods, support and confidence empowering you to be in complete control of your health through a deeper understanding of yourself and how you can best coexist with your environment.

For many years, Alana found herself in a space of poor mental and physical health marred with oxymorons: constantly fatigued yet anxious and obsessive, dry skin yet pale and puffy. Feeling frustrated and confused, least vibrant energetically than ever before, she set out for a change.

It was then Alana introduced the  practices of Mindful Nutrition and Wellness as a commitment into her daily routine. She let go of the need to understand intellectually, and surrendered to embodying this lifestyle with consistency. As the months went, huge shifts in energy, body and mind ensued. A newfound, fluid rhythm was attained leaving her healthier than ever before.

She distills her continuous dedication to healthy living in her counseling, teaching and writings.



 about alana kessler
The impulse to understand how I co-exist in nature and with nature became a seed that now informs my entire life. I love this practice for its consistency and vast support of the changing winds of life. This practice doesn’t ask you to sacrifice or change, instead it balances out the life that is right here, moment to moment.
— Alana Kessler
 alana kessler nyc




Alana is a graduate of NYU with a Bachelors and a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition. As a freshman in college, she began practicing yoga and meditation and continued on to train as an Ayurveda Specialist and Weight Management expert.  

She is an accredited member of the of the CDR and American Dietietic Association and an E-RYT  ( Expert Registered Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance. She continues to attend continuting education classes and seminars in clinical nutrition, yoga, meditation, psyco-spiritual psychology and alternative wellness methods.