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110 East 28th Street
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Philosophy | Nutrition NYC | Be Well by Alana Kessler

Alana provides a blend of Eastern & Western diet & lifestyle support with compassionate intuition & intelligence. She believes a healthy & balanced lifestyle can benefit anyone. Begin your journey with her ARC System that uses her Method Mapping: a holistic multi-disciplinary approach.


A Holistic Integrative Approach

Be Well. By Alana Kessler provides a unique blend of Eastern & Western nutrition & lifestyle support with a compassionate intuition & intelligence for her clients.

She believes a healthy & balanced fully integrated lifestyle can benefit anyone at any age. This can be achieved through developing a practiced & consistent awareness of the natural rhythms in our individual & environmental nature, whatever they may be.

She designed the Be Well ARC System & utilizes her distinctive Method Mapping technique, a holistic multidisciplinary approach, to effect long lasting behavior change.

You will not only learn how food can be digested & applied to your wellbeing, but you will understand how to embrace & utilize the nutrition, habits & lifestyle techniques that are best suited for your specific & individual optimal health & vibrancy. 

The Be Well ARC System is individualized for each client, as each walk to wellness is as unique as you are. Through consistency & a guided deeper understanding of yourself & your needs, you will be in control of your wellness, renewed rhythm & continuous holistic health with long lasting change & effects.

Alana knows everyone has the potential to live a healthier, more balanced & free life.


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The Be Well ARC System by Alana Kessler

Alana believes a consistent & accountable commitment to yourself is the only way to truly achieve holistic health. She offers her guidance within this system because of its proven success in achieving & sustaining long term behavior change for the betterment of individual holistic health. 

The Be Well ARC System is designed to ensure you stay rooted in a supportive foundation while receiving & integrating the methods for health & wellness in an individualized & creative way.

The flow of change is specialized for each & every individual & this system allows Alana to guarantee you will meet & incorporate the information she uncovers & the methods distilled in the sessions in a way that is truthful to your unique nature.

In the initial ARC ONE Consult & Intake Session, you will meet with Alana. She will gather information including health history & lifestyle habits & begin to outline an individualized wellness strategy.

Once committed to the full 5 sessions in the ARC FIVE System, it is practiced over 50 days & is intended to offer structure & accountability with support from Alana.

She has found that this commitment to consistency becomes the tool that offers immeasurable value in sustaining long term healthful changes.

The methods practiced from week to week are Intuitive Organ & Clinical Nutritional Support, Ayurveda, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation & Behavior Modification.

Alana’s intuition, experience & what you bring to the sessions will determine the Method Mapping System she designs to enhance & balance your natural rhythm in a way that both restores & grounds you.

In between the five sessions, you are invited to practice the methods on your own & when you are together you will refine & include what is needed to take it to the next level.



INITIAL ARC ONE Consult + Intake Session

1 hour



ARC FIVE Follow Up Session

Personalized Follow Up Sessions for 5 months to integrate and embody the individualized healing, balancing and longevity methods

45 minutes


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*Medical Nutrition Therapy* If your claim is not paid by your plan, you will be subject to remit payment for the regular fees with the CC that will be stored on your account.

Methods of Payment for Health Coaching:

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Venmo, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX ( CC may be subject to processing Fee )

** Health Coaching and ARC fees will be paid via cash, credit card or venmo. A superbill will be provided to the client for reimbursement from insurance if applicable and is the responsibility of the client **

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