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110 East 28th Street
New York, NY, 10016
United States


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Best Health Coach in NYC | Be Well by Alana Kessler

With over 9 years of experience in clinical nutrition & health, Alana is one of the best health coaches in NYC. From holistic health and wellness coaching to vegetarian & vegan nutritionist consulting, Alana's proven techniques & balanced lifestyle system can help you reach your health goals!  

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Customized Wellness Immersion Coaching

The first step to feeling better starts right on this page. I know you’re overwhelmed trying to navigate all of the information out there yourself, so I want to remove that stress for you. Trust in me to guide you to a grounded, more joyful you with a creative and spiritual approach backed by science.

What makes me different?


I’m very intuitive – You are more than your bloodwork and your symptoms.

I will listen not only to what you tell me but what your body is showing me in our sessions. From there I will begin to design a strategy that is perfect for you and will support your specific goals.


I never recommend the same plan for every person and the methodology is rooted in my intuition. You may come to me for bloating or weight loss - but if I see there’s an underlying emotional or hormonal issue, I will navigate our time together to ensure we address, understand and provide actionable strategies to integrate the symptom with the more subtle emotion.

In other words, I take an integrated and comprehensive mind-body approach to helping you feel better.

Functional Nutrition

I differentiate your symptoms from the underlying root cause, focusing on cellular integrity, stress management and emotional equanimity.

I utilize my tools and I customize them for everyone - macro and micro nutrient absorption AND life coaching to support an integrated body, heart and spirit.

If you’re ready to make a change and invest in that change, know you’re getting the best support possible.

You just want to trust yourself and live from your potential.

My clients tell me the very same thing the first time we talk. I will support you in this relationship by drawing on my knowledge of Eastern and Western Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, and Interpersonal Psycho-Spiritual Healing and Life coaching modalities.

Our work together is 100% tailored to your needs and may touch on the following focus areas:

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Fertility

  • IBS and Digestive Issues

  • Bloating

  • Weight Management

  • Binge or Restrictive Eating

  • Your Overall Relationship to Food

  • Skin Issues

  • Mental Health

What you get in the Immersion Coaching Program:

  • Health and life coaching sessions either in person or via private telehealth link

  • Email access to me 24/7 for questions and concerns

  • Meal plans, custom recipes, and lifestyle guidelines for your needs

  • Individualized meal preparation, food combining, and portion control guidance

  • Guide to intuitive eating

  • Guidance and strategies for eating out and eating while traveling

  • Targeted individualized supplement protocols

  • Essential oil protocols and access to wholesale products

  • Individualized grocery list for specific nutrition goals, conditions, and allergies

  • Cooking guidelines and support

  • Food Journal review and unlimited access to message me via Healthie

  • Weekly meditations to your inbox

  • Mindfulness stress reduction techniques

Gold Line


My experience with Alana’s holistic health life coaching program, her philosophies, protocols and overall approach to whole body wellness was exactly what I was looking for. It taught me important strategies that influenced my relationship to my body through intelligent diet education and supplementation protocols; her expertise in mindfulness based stress reduction techniques, equipped me with strategies that enhanced and my ability to contribute at my job and be present in my relationships.
— Raquel L.
Working with Alana was amazing. She was so helpful. Can’t recommend her enough!
— Molly G.
Alana’s insight and soothing nature was exactly what I needed in a nutritionist. I didn’t know what I was working with in regards to my weight, and BMI, but she was able to get that information to me. Nothing about this process was overwhelming or frustrating. She’s super patient, and very calming. I’m grateful that her practice is modern, but with ancient ideologies in terms of holistic care. Thank you!
— Paola G.
Alana is amazing very knowledgeable, kind and more importantly upfront about her services, billing and insurance. Very helpful for me as a 30 something! I highly recommend!
— Lauren P.