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10 Tips For Taking Care of Your Digestive System

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10 Tips For Taking Care of Your Digestive System

Alana Kessler

  1. Keep Chewing - Your Saliva has essential enzymes that aid in breaking down food particles so that the stomach, spleen and pancreas can do its magic. 
  2. Eat plenty of Fiber - Fiber is a probiotic and helps keep the gut healthy.  Examples include; Artichokes, Berries, Chia & Flax Seed
  3. Drink Plenty of Fluids - There is a caveat however; fluids should be taken room temperature and not during meals.  Mineral water infused with Lemon and Herbal teas like Chamomile and Tulsi (Holy Basil) 
  4. Exercise - Gets the circulation and lymphatic system moving
  5. Reduce Emotional Stress - Its easy to get overcome with overwhelm, worry, overthinking, studying so its important to engage in activities that help to activate the "rest and digest" mechanism of our system.  Examples are gentle yoga and walking, meditation, pranayama /breathwork and surrounding yourself with supportive and loving people with whom you can share your burdens safely. 
  6. Warm Nourishing Foods - Soups, Bone Broth Cooked Green Vegetables like Kale and Collards, and yellow foods like squashes
  7. Consume more bitter & sour foods - A good suggestion is warm water & lemon and apple cider vinegar
  8. Decrease Alcohol Consumption
  9. Reach an Optimal Weight - hormones are influences by body weight, therefore maintaining a weight that is appropriate for your individual frame will help with mind body homestasis
  10. Probiotics. Probiotics. Probiotics.