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The Keto Diet Explained - Is it Right for You?

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The Keto Diet Explained - Is it Right for You?

Alana Kessler

Keto Diet with Salmon and Vegetables

Most everyone has heard of the latest diets circulating this year – from the Raw Food Diet to the Mediterranean, Paleo Diet to the Keto Diet – there are plenty of options.

And while that’s all well and good, how can you be sure which diets are healthy? Or which ones are actually good for your body?

Be Well wants you to live your best life in your best health, which is why we’ve decided to go over a few key points of the Keto diet, to help you determine if it’s right for you.

But first, the basics:

The Keto diet is essentially a low-carb diet, or a low-carb, high-fat diet. It’s called ‘keto’ because your liver produces ketones for energy by breaking down fat when carbohydrate intake is very low. This process is called ketosis.

When you eat foods that are high in carbohydrates, your body produces glucose and insulin. The glucose is used for energy instead of any fat intake, which is instead stored. However, if you take the glucose-producing carbs out of your diet, the fats you eat are used for energy instead.

So, are carbs the enemy? Not necessarily, but your body needs to be in balance in order to truly be healthy.

Let’s find that perfect balance together.

How to Eat Keto

The best way to live a Ketogenic lifestyle is to choose items that were meant to be eaten, such as organic produce and pasture-raised wild meat or fish.

Putting high-carb, processed and sugary foods into your body isn’t the way your body was meant to be fueled. Instead, think of Keto as the natural way to healthy wellness.

The Keto diet isn’t about low-calories or low-fat, so you can still feel satisfied and, dare we say it, full! With energy and drive all through your day or workout.

The Keto diet focuses on what you should put into your body, instead of what you can’t. This means Keto is actually sustainable as a lifestyle, not just a 3 or 4-week diet fad.

Need some convincing?

Here are some easy examples of a Keto meal plan. And if the word ‘plan’ scares you, don’t worry, this is simple, delicious, and much less meticulous than calorie-counting, weighing, or timing your meals out on other, unsustainable diets.


Mushroom and feta omelet with keto coffee (coffee with added fat, like coffee butter, MCT oil or bone broth proteins)


Lettuce wraps – with turkey, avocado, bacon and your favorite low-carb sauce

Spicy guacamole – with any of your favorite raw veggies

Cucumber or celery – with cream cheese and a splash of hot sauce for extra zing


Salmon and broccoli – easy enough to take to work, class, or simply on-the-go

Personal meal kit – cut up grilled chicken, (nitrate-free) ham, cheese, pickles and an egg. Add in some raw veggies for crunch, some nuts and guacamole or any high-fat sauce to keep you going through the day

A simple salad – but upgraded with bacon, avocado, cheese, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes and a high-fat low-carb dressing like ranch


Pasture-raised beef and onions – add low carb noodles like zoodles or add in mushrooms, you can use oil for the veggies too, to add in the fat needed

Caesar salad – everyone’s favorite salad, high in flavor and fat, add chicken, bacon and parmesan for protein, but skip those croutons

Turkey or Chicken – try with eggplant, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, or broccoli sautéed with olive oil or butter

Benefits of the Keto Diet

The benefits of Keto go far beyond weight loss, in fact, that can just be a happy side effect for you in the end.

Living a Keto lifestyle is actually about feeding your body what it needs and not what it doesn’t. And being in ketosis has been linked with health benefits all the way from your liver and kidney to your glucose and energy levels.

Ketosis is better for your cardiovascular system, can reduce epilepsy episodes, and prevent degenerative diseases. Essentially, it lets your body run as it should, and can reduce your risk of a number of ailments, aches and pains – all just by eating in a way tailored to your body.

It’s amazing what the body can do when properly fueled and loved, isn’t it?

Is the Keto Diet Right for You?

If you think that the Keto diet sounds like the long-term, lasting energy and health boost you need, then let’s talk!

Be Well is here to help find the perfect balance, recipes, and plan for you along your health and wellness journey.

Call Alana today at 443-457-0145 or feel free to email, message or swing by.

We’d love to start your health journey with a consultation and new connection.