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Which Yoga Practice is Best for You?

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Which Yoga Practice is Best for You?

Alana Kessler

Yoga on a Mountain

Yoga calms, refreshes, strengthens, and rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit – but all Yoga is not the same. There is a wide breadth of practices, styles, and lineages within Yoga, which means there is one that is the best fit for you, your health, and your unique needs.

Be Well. By Alana Kessler focuses on five practices; Yin Yoga, Yang Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation.

If you are not fully familiar with these different practices, then take your time below, following each as you search for the best practice for your unique needs.

Our bodies and minds all have different requirements for bringing us into balance and our best health, see below which of the Yoga Styles and Lineages taught at Be Well can help you reach your balanced equipoise.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow and steady Yoga practice where we hold passive poses and postures for multiple minutes to nurture and support our Yin tissues with blood.

This helps to increase our chi flow to our tissues and meridians, encouraging calm, balance, and replenished energy.

Because of the slow, steady nature of this class, and the guidance from the Yoga Therapist, Yin Yoga is a great beginning practice – though it is acceptable for all levels of experience.

Yin Yoga is often considered one of the most relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating of Yoga Lineages due to its even pace and calming attributes.

Yang Yoga

Yang Yoga is the fellow of Yin Yoga but is often considered to be a more traditional Hatha or Ashtanga based Asana practice.

Yang Yoga increases strength, flexibility, and stamina in its host as the practice often focuses on minute movements sculpted to enhance the poses and fortify the muscles.

Yin and Yang Yoga are often practiced within the same session, with Yin Yoga occurring at the beginning of the session, and Yang Yoga being incorporated towards the end.

The balance between Yin and Yang Yoga are blended to bring calmness, rejuvenation, strength, and flexibility to the participants.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga follows the Primary Series. This leads you through a sequence of movements, all guided by your Yoga Therapist in the manner that best suits your needs – including the best pace for your development in the practice, energy levels, and physical needs.

This practice and class are recommended for all levels of Yoga, as Alana will guide you through the different poses and movements according to your needs.

Primary Series is also known by the name Yoga Chikitsa, or Yoga Therapy, which can purify, strengthen, and balance your body, calm your mind, and lengthen your back to assist in curing ailments of the body and mind.


Pranayama, or breathwork, controls breathing to enhance, cleanse, and refine the capacity we have to absorb nutrients and oxygen from our food and environment.

This practice both relaxes and rejuvenates as it assists our bodies in assimilating and distributing nutrients that are essential to our holistic wellbeing and balance.

Pranayama or breathwork is often popular with individuals looking for a calming class that can leave their bodies functioning better along their journey to health, equilibrium, and long-term wellbeing.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation focuses on being led by your Yoga Therapist in the methods of cultivating awareness and mindfulness.

Guided Meditation trains your mind to be still, to contemplate, and to inquire for true balance, stability, wellbeing, and introspection.

This class often begins with an introduction to Yoga Lineages and meditation practices followed by a period of quiet contemplation in a seated position.

Often this practice is considered a good fit for those looking to commit their intentions, know themselves, and enter a quieter, introspective state of mind.

Find Your Best Yoga Practice with Be Well. By Alana Kessler

At Be Well. By Alana Kessler, your experience level, personal goals, and unique individual needs will be discussed, understood, and paired with the best Yoga Practice for you.

We know that Yoga can assist in numerous ways, but not all are suited for each individual. We will work with you to curate a journey that will bring balance, strength, calm and holistic inner wellness to your life.

Be Well wants you to become the best version of yourself through a natural unfolding. Heal and rejuvenate yourself with one of the many Yoga lineages that Alana provides, and see the difference it can make within your mind and body.

Visit us today, or contact Be Well to begin your very own journey to wellbeing and balance.