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7 Steps to Starting Your New Year with Holistic Health

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7 Steps to Starting Your New Year with Holistic Health

Alana Kessler

Holistic Health New Year

Holistic Health is not just a way to improve your physical health, or a way to treat an illness, it is a way of changing your daily habits and understanding your body’s needs – physically, emotionally and mentally.

Holistic Health is a way of life, and it integrates all aspects of yourself into your journey towards well-being and health.

However, because Holistic Health is multifaceted, it can look different for each person, as we are all unique and therefore have unique health needs and answers.

Be Well by Alana Kessler understands and embraces this diversity, which is why we’ve created 7 simple steps to starting your New Year with Holistic Health.

Whether your goals are physical or emotional, to be more mindful or to improve your nutrition, Be Well’s 7 steps to improving Holistic Health can help you reach them.

Each of the below steps can be fitted to match your unique needs to help you reach your wellness goals. And of course, if you would like a guide, teacher or coach, reach out to Be Well by Alana Kessler for a healthier, happier you in this New Year.

Step 1: Identify Your Needs – Physical, Emotional & Mental for 2019

The first step in Holistic Health is assessing your needs, your stressors and your goals. Essentially, help is difficult to receive if you do not know what help you are seeking.

Ask yourself, are your needs physical, emotional or mental? Are they an even mix or do they cover two or even one area more than the others?

What are the areas of your life you would like to see change in? What are the areas of your life you are happy with?

Questions from your holistic health coach or homework you give yourself can set you up to knowing just what path you want to follow, and what areas you want to give the most attention to.

Step 2: Move More, Do More, Be More

This step can help you regardless of if your Holistic Health goals are focused on physical health or not, because moving more and doing more is positive for more than just your body.

The connection between your body, the things it does, and your mind are deeper and broader than simple endorphins or brain chemicals.

Let yourself move more, achieve more and be more in your New Year.

Step 3: Practice Self-Love This Year

Holistic Health deals with the whole individual, and so does self-love.

This means you give your body the nutrition it needs, the rest it needs, and the movement it needs. This also means you give your mind the attention it needs, as well as your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Being holistically healthy is the same as being wholly healthy, which means you need to love your entire being, and allow yourself to do things for you in this New Year.

Step 4: Eat the Rainbow for Holistic Health in 2019

Eating the rainbow might again seem to only pertain to your physical health, but Holistic Health involves your nutrition too.

The food you eat gives you the energy and power for all of your functions, from your body to your mind to your emotions. Therefore, the food you eat fuels your entire being, and should be looked at in a holistic way.

Eat foods that your body needs and listen to your body to learn what those needs are. If this is an area that you struggle with, call Alana for Nutrition Coaching services.

Step 5: Practice Mindfulness & Connect with Yourself

Being mindful simply means you listen to yourself, are aware of yourself and are consciously focusing on yourself and your needs.

Use mindfulness in the New year for your Holistic Health to get to know your own self and learn what it needs.

Be Well uses the ARC system and one-on-one sessions to find your unique mindfulness methods and become acquainted with your body, mind and spirit’s needs.

Step 6: Restore Your Mind & Body With More Rest

One of the best ways to incorporate a greater emphasis on Holistic Health this year is with more rest, and though sleep is a great way to rest both your mind and body, restfulness is more than sleep.

Having quiet time throughout your day for meditation, self-reflection or mindfulness can be a great way to restore your mind and body – as well as getting more full and restful sleep.

Step 7: Find the Practitioners, Therapies & Lineages That Work for You

Be Well knows that certain methods work better than others for certain people, and certain practitioners or therapies work better than others.

Take the time to find the right person to help you along your journey, the right therapies or yoga lineages, and the right goals for what you want to see in your life.

Holistic Health is as unique as you are, start your individualized journey this New Year with Be Well and contact us today.