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The 5 Ways Yoga Therapy in NYC Makes You Strong

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The 5 Ways Yoga Therapy in NYC Makes You Strong

Alana Kessler

Yoga Therapy on the Beach in NYC

With a New Year comes many promises of healthier living, lifestyle changes, and resolutions, but most of these promises fall short even before the first week of February. This is the unfortunate truth for two main reasons.

First, many resolutions are either impractical, overly-ambitious, or downright unhealthy. Examples can range from an extreme diet that isn’t sustainable or wholesome, to promising to work out for more hours than you have available.

The second reason is that many people do not have any encouragement, guidance, or support when trying to make a holistic change in their living and lifestyle. And without support, we often fall back into bad habits and unhealthy tracks.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as there are healthy, sustainable, and supported options available that can help you reach your health goals.

One such option is Yoga Therapy, which not only strengthens your body, but requires little equipment, stretches stressed muscles, helps your joints, balance, and breathing. As well as strengthens your mind and helps calm your spirit.

But how does Yoga Therapy do so much? And is it really worth all the buzz? What kinds of Yoga Therapy are there, and which is right for you?

There are many questions which can come along with beginning your Yoga practice, but there are also answers, support, and guidance with Be Well. By Alana Kessler.

Nestled in NYC, there is an urban oasis and a Yoga Therapist who can guide you to reach your goals, encourage you to do more, and support your holistic health endeavor. All while strengthening your mind, body, and spirit.

How Can Yoga Therapy in NYC Make You Stronger?

Yoga Therapy NYC | Strengthen & Stretch Your Muscles

Yoga Therapy not only strengthens your body through bodyweight training, or the use of no additional weights, but it also stretches tight and stressed muscles, allowing your body to gain strength, endurance, and healing all in one health routine.

Whether you carry your stress and tension in your shoulders, neck, back, or core, Yoga Therapy can both strengthen these areas as it simultaneously stretches and eases the tension away.

Yoga Therapy is one of the most effective ways to release tension in tight and stressed muscles, while increasing muscle endurance, range of motion, and strength.

Yoga Therapy NYC | Strengthen Your Mind

Yoga Therapy is not only about the movements of the body, but also the stillness of the mind, or meditation practice.

Often, individuals try to move through meditation without guidance, which can be difficult at best and unattainable at worst.

However, with guided meditation, your Yoga Therapist can apply methods of cultivating awareness and mindfulness to help train your mind into stillness. This can strengthen your mind, focus, and mindfulness to allow for times of contemplation and inquiry.

We live in a busy world, but we can still teach our minds to be strong and still with guided meditation.

Yoga Therapy NYC | Strengthen Your Breathing

Yoga Therapy often involves breathwork as well as Yoga Lineages and meditation. And though breathwork must be focused on and taught by a Yoga Therapist, it actually can aid in meditation, mental strength, and stillness as it is practiced.

Yoga Therapy is not only about the movements of the body, but the movements of air and breath into and out of the body as well, and allowing that movement in all aspects.

Breathwork is a way to strengthen your connection to your body, your breathing, and your mindfulness all while calming your mind and body and allowing for proper restoration.

Yoga Therapy NYC | Strengthen Your Joints

Moving through a Yoga Series circulates blood, breath, and fluids through your body, including synovial fluid in your joints. This fluid helps your bones move smoothly in your joints without pain, inflammation or unnecessary friction.

Not only does Yoga Therapy circulate and move this synovial fluid in your joints, it also allows for improvements in your joint’s everyday movements, much like stretching does for your muscles.

 Yoga Therapy NYC | Strengthen Your Balance

Yoga Therapy is not just for your mind, your breath, your muscles, or your joints – it aids all of these areas and more in strength, endurance, and control. This makes holistic health the goal, instead of fragmented health and solutions for a specific symptom.

This includes your balance, core muscles, and secondary muscles that help your body move as it should, and helps your awareness of your body in space, as well as the world around you.

The beauty of Yoga Therapy is that it is not for one or another specific goal, but instead for a plethora of goals. All of which stitch and link together to create holistic health that can be sustained and maintained for years to come.

Come into Be Well. By Alana Kessler and Cultivate Your True Inner Strength

If Yoga Therapy and the strength it offers for your mind, body and spirit sound like the sustainable, holistic solution you have been looking for in your wellness journey, then call or visit Be Well today and speak with Alana.

Alana believes a balance of both Yin and Yang energies can provide nourishment in our lives, and understanding your mind, heart, and body will bring about true health, vibrancy, and freedom.

Talk with Alana and begin your wellness journey to strength and holistic health today.