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110 East 28th Street
New York, NY, 10016
United States






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5 stars


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Long Golden Line
Alana has been so helpful! Her calm vibe makes me feel comfortable to talk to her about anything. I love her holistic approach because it includes all aspects of health. I am seeing results from weeks to week and feel confident when I leave her office!
— Emma B., one month ago
Long Golden Line
She’s knowledgable and a great listener. I feel I’m in great hands in getting my health and eating habits back on tack.
— Heidi D., July 2018
Long Yellow Line
Working with Alana was amazing. She was so helpful. Can’t recommend her enough!
— Molly G., July 2018
Long Yellow and Gold Line
Visiting Alana was physically and mentally a very positive experience. Her holistic approach towards mind and body makes the weigh loss journey—- pleasant. One of the things Alana helps is with the mental relation with food and eating habits. She will listen very attentively to what you have to say and then suggest options. If you are ready for physical rejuvenation- Alana is the one!!
— Niv K., July 2018
Gold and Yellow Line
Alana was very professional, yet warm and relatable. The visit did not feel clinical or sterile. She has a very non-judgemental approach to nutrition which I like. Alana was very informative about how small changes in eating could be beneficial towards my specific health goals and listened intently to what I wanted.
— Rebekah J., July 2018
Gold Line
Alana is very kind and made me feel comfortable. She gave me practical information to help get me started on a better diet to loose weight and prevent health concerns.
— Heidi D., June 2018