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110 East 28th Street
New York, NY, 10016
United States


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Holistic Health Coach NYC | Be Well by Alana Kessler

Be Well by Alana Kessler is an urban sanctuary where you can discover how to nourish yourself from the inside out. Integrate your mind & body with a Holistic Health Coach in NYC. Services include Health Coaching, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Stress Management & Behavior Modification.

Alana is unique in her depth of knowledge of the practice, craft and teaching... and in her ability to create a positive environment and community.
— Susan S.



Be Well. By Alana Kessler, Registered Dietitian & Holistic Health Coach in New York City, works to integrate your mind & body to receive, incorporate & transform intrinsic & extrinsic information supporting the evolution of day to day living.

Holistic Health through Alana's unique Method Mapping technique & The BE WELL ARC System balances Mindfulness, Wellness, Nutrition, & Yoga to refine your health & find your best, most complete self.

Be Well is committed to finding balance, connectivity & your true core of health through Yin Yoga, Yang Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama & Guided Meditation. In addition to these daily practices, Alana believes your body, heart & mind's needs must be understood & met to discover & sustain Holistic Health & rejuvenation.

With Holistic Health Coaching, Alana is able to use her experience & wisdom to guide you towards long lasting lifestyle change.

Heal & Rejuvenate Yourself to Find Your True Nature, Balance & Wellness

Holistic Health Coach Modalities include Intuitive Organ & Clinical Nutritional Support, Ayurveda, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation & Behavior Modification to assist with Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Eating Disorders, Stress Management, Emotional Wellbeing, Digestive Issues, Addiction, Hormone Balance, High Blood Pressure, Mindful Eating, Medical Nutrition & Non-Diet Approach.


Let Be Well. By Alana Kessler provide support to:

adapt your lifestyle to achieve balance


Holistic Health Coach NYC | Yoga Therapy NYC

A Holistic Health Coach takes a multidisciplinary approach to health of the whole self. You are more than merely the food you eat, the thoughts you have or the body you move; you are all of these things & more.

This is what Be Well. By Alana Kessler recognizes.

With Holistic Health Coaching, Alana is able to harness the knowledge of a dietician, nutritionist, personal trainer & therapist to bring you to a place of balance, healing & empowerment.

Alana encourages nutrition, emotional & physical strength, self-care, personal goals, balance & inner wellness in all areas of life through a merging of Eastern & Western ideologies & nourishment.

Holistic Health Coaching looks past symptoms, habits & behaviors to understand & address the underlying emotional, mental & lifestyle workings that cause our imbalances.

Wellness Coach NYC | Nutrition Coach NYC

Metropolitan life can be vibrant & energizing, but also draining on your body & spirit, which is why having an urban sanctuary for your holistic health & wellness is a crucial part to healthy city living, especially in the constant race & pace of New York City.

Rejuvenate yourself from the inside out with all a Health & Wellness Coach can offer, from Yoga classes, workshops, trainingsretreats for both your mind & body to a positive & peaceful environment for your emotional wellbeing & growth. Be Well can integrate the wellness of your whole self to achieve your lifestyle goals.

Find your rhythm & coexist in the city life around you with the guidance of an experienced, skilled & tested Holistic Health Coach. With a multidisciplinary approach, Be Well can guide you to embrace & carry out the habits, diet & lifestyle that will bring about equilibrium, optimal health & wellness.

What is your true nature? Unlock it at Be Well. By Alana Kessler


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