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The Benefits of Eating a Chlorophyll-Rich Diet

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The Benefits of Eating a Chlorophyll-Rich Diet

Alana Kessler

The Benefits of Eating a Chlorophyll-Rich Diet

Chlorophyll (the photosynthesizing powerhouse of plant life) might not be a word you frequently use or think to try and add into your daily diet, but that's all about to change, as this lively, little pigment is a hearty agent of health, rejuvenation, and stability!

The benefits of eating a chlorophyll-rich diet are piling up in the world of nutrition, making maintaining a high chlorophyll diet more and more enticing, even to us non-plants.

Chlorophyll is the green coloring found in almost all plants and is responsible for the process of converting light energy into plant-food and carbon dioxide, also known as photosynthesis.

Though humans don't necessarily benefit from chlorophyll in the same way that plants do (no lovely green coloring or opting for laying out in the sun instead of eating regular meals) we do gain a whole slew of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and additional benefits from a chlorophyll-rich diet!

Check out the top reasons, sources, means and ideas for adding chlorophyll into your daily health routine!

Green is Good, But a Chlorophyll Diet is Even Better!

Green plants and vegetables are obviously good for you, but if you are looking to take your health to the next level, then think the quality of green, instead of quantity.

As a general rule, the darker the green, the better it is for you and the more chlorophyll you'll find lurking within its shadowed leaves.

Think of this rule like the common sense of kale being healthier than iceberg lettuce, or broccoli being better than celery.

Research Shows the Health Benefits of Eating a Chlorophyll-Rich Diet

Chlorophyll is a great source of vitamin A, C, E, and K –  as well as being high in many antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium.

In addition to being packed with goodness, chlorophyll increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body, can cleanse toxins and prevent your body from absorbing harmful pollutants, improves respiratory functions, and soothes inflammation – as well as aids in healing.

Research has shown that a rich chlorophyll diet increases red blood cell counts, which can then carry more oxygen around our bodies (think anti-anemia) and therefore gives us more energy! So really, are we so different from our plant-based brethren?

Enjoy It Here, There, Everywhere!

Luckily, chlorophyll is incredibly common, and you see its signs all around you, even if you don't realize it.

Why? Because dark greens are dark and green because of their high levels of chlorophyll. This means kale (remember that tall, dark and handsome superfood), spinach, collards, fresh herbs, sprouts, matcha, broccoli, seaweed, and so much more are all rich carriers of chlorophyll, and should, therefore, be staples of your new chlorophyll diet!

Eat Your Chlorophyll and Have It Too

Of course, knowing what has chlorophyll, the health benefits and how to discern which greens are the best greens are great steps, but the top benefit of chlorophyll is its flexibility and versatility.

Breakfast? A fluffy, kale omelet.  Lunch? A summery, spinach salad. Dinner? Try lightly steamed broccoli as a side, or use fresh herbs instead of dried.

No time for a real sit-down meal? Add some seaweed (or sprouts) to your smoothie on the go! Snack time? Dried seaweed gives the salt and crackle of a chip without the stomachache and greasy-finger-guilt afterward!

And to end the day (or start), nothing is better than a hot cup of matcha tea!

Finally - though it won't personally add to your chlorophyll diet or intake - having plants in your home or strolling through them in nature is always a great way to calm yourself, reconnect, and stay balanced.

Now It's Your Turn for a Sunnier Outlook

Do you think you could benefit from more green goodness in your life? Do the benefits of eating a chlorophyll-rich diet resonate with you? If so, get to your local farmer's market, grocer, or health food store and pick up a few starters – and a potted plant while you're at it!

After you've finished your chlorophyll errands, come to Be Well to see what further steps you can take to grow your health. Visit or contact today!